Trading for an income can be simple and stress free. More importantly it should not take up too much of your time.

Allow me to show you how you can gain a consistent income from trading by spending less than 30 mins a day!

Start Gaining A Consistent Income From Forex Trading Today!

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Who Wants To Make Money Trading Forex Easily And Effortlessly? Read On To Find Out How.
Note - This Is Not a Scam And Certainly Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme!

First, A Little About Myself

Interview on Channel NewsAsia

Hey there,

My name is Kar Yong. I am the founder of a popular Forex school called Alpha Play based in Singapore. I have coached hundreds of students who now trade currencies profitably.

My journey as a Forex trader began a few years ago when I was searching for a solution that could offer me the freedom of MONEY, TIME and SPACE.

As fate would have it, I stumbled upon social trading. Basically social trading offers the opportunity for inexperienced traders to follow the more experienced traders’ trades through an online trading platform, which means that even if one is not proficient in trading he can make money as long as he is following a good trader.

After several successful piggyback trades, I got inspired to learn trading myself. I pored through many websites and books on trading. It was a lot of hard work but in 2013, I was able to make a 1000% return, turning a small initial capital of $1,215 into $13,335

Due to my winning trades, many people followed me on the social trading platform and I became quite popular. So much so that I was given the privilege of being interviewed by Channel News Asia about my trading journey.

I knew then that Forex trading was something that could offer me the 3 freedoms which I seeked, the freedom of MONEY, TIME and SPACE.

2013 Account Statement

In 2014, I set up a website for people with a similar interest in Forex trading to share my knowledge and trading ideas. Through this website, many aspiring traders came to know about me and asked if I would mentor them. 

So finally in 2015, I founded Alpha Play to offer Forex trading courses to anyone interested to learn how to make an income through trading currencies. 2 years later, Alpha Play has imparted currency trading knowledge to more than 400 students.

Today, Alpha Play is a reputable and renowned Forex trading school which conducts lessons monthly in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. We are also in the midst of preparing online courses to benefit students from all over the world.

Over the years, we've been gaining consistent returns from the market, and coached over hundreds of traders...

May 2017 - June 2017

Gain: +3.6%

Drawdown: 3.53%

May 2016 - April 2017

Gain: +14.15%

Drawdown: 4.01%

These are some of the common problems people share with me -

  1. "I've NO TIME to learn, analyse and monitor the market, but I still want to make some income from trading."

  2. "I've tried many different strategies but I still CAN'T GET CONSISTENT RESULTS from trading."

  3. "I DON’T HAVE A HUGE CAPITAL. Can I still make an income through trading?"

Yes, these are very real challenges faced by many people.

And I want to highlight the fact that trading - like any other craft of skill - requires a lot of practice. It is a profession like any other and certainly not a get-rich-quick-scheme as sometimes misrepresented by some shady internet marketers who profess to be Forex gurus.


The fortunate answer is NO.

June 2015 - May 2016

Gain: +33.27%

Drawdown: 12.46%

...But we understand not everyone has the time,

passion and commitment to learn how to trade INDEPENDENTLY.

How? Simple! By allowing you to follow the
exact same trades I take every day!

Here are some of the recent trades I took, 

a profit of US$ 2,380 in the last 3 weeks

Now, I’ve already established the fact that I am a popular Forex teacher. But being able to teach something doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at what I teach right? So first, allow me to show you some of my recent trading results.

Most Recent Trade Results from 7/6/17 to 26/6/17

*Screenshots taken from mobile MT4 platform

If you've decided you are serious about gaining a consistent income from trading Forex without having to put in a lot of time and effort,

join me and other traders today in my

Super Profitable Forex Signals Community

Super Profitable Forex Signals (SPFX) is a community platform where I share with members daily trade levels to look out for. These are levels which I myself will be looking out to take trades on, so you can be sure my money is where my mouth is. All you have to do is to take 3 simple steps everyday -

You will be notified via a broadcast channel on further instructions to manage the trades.

1. Check Your Email

3. Manage Trade Levels

A sample trade levels sent out to our traders on 20th June 2017

Trade levels will be emailed to you daily at GMT 2200 hrs.

Spend around 10 mins in the morning to key in the trade levels.

2. Key In Trade Levels

** Detailed instructions on how to trade these levels are included in the comprehensive tutorial guide provided as part of the SPFX community.



"Thank you Kar Yong! Your service is amazing! By getting the signals directly to my email in real time, I almost never miss a trade. Using this service my profits just doubled! Thank you, and keep up the good work!"


Here are what some of the SPFX members have to say

"My take profit level was met again today thanks to you Kar Yong. Super Profitable Forex Signals (SPFX) is a life saver for struggling traders like me. Since I started using this strategy, my trade results has been amazing. Again, thank you very much for the daily tips!"

"Kar Yong, your trade signals are really accurate! My hit rate has increased significantly from 30% to 70% since I started following these trade levels. I am now confident to take decisive trades with the help of the daily trade levels. Thanks!"


"With the comprehensive guide that comes with it, I think it is worth way more than how it is priced. If you want to be profitable, I would strongly recommend you to give Super Profitable Forex Signals (SPFX) a shot. I also like that they're confident enough to give refunds."

Q - Why are you encouraging people to copy your trades instead of learning to trade from you?

Q - I am a total noob at Forex trading, is this still for me?

Q - How much time do I have to spend everyday?

Q - How do I know you are not a scam artist?

Here are some questions you may have ...

Q - I don't even have a Forex account, will you teach me how to set one up?

Q - Can you just manage my trades for me?

A - Feel free to look us up on Google. Search for Alpha Play, Google Ang Kar Yong, visit our Facebook page, look through our students' testimonials or drop us a message on Facebook. You will discover that we are very legit. Besides, there's a 14 day money back guarantee, so there's really nothing to worry about!

Q - What if I lose money following your trades?

A - No worries even if you are very new to Forex Trading. We've prepared a comprehensive tutorial guide to assist you in getting started with SPFX, and more importantly, to ensure that you are able to fully capitalise on the trade levels sent to you daily.

With SFPX, you don't have to worry about spending hours staring at the charts, or learning the intricacies of analysing the market. We do all the analysis for you on a daily basis. All you have to do is to spend an average of 30 mins a day to key in and manage the trade levels sent to you.

A - Ponzi schemes require that you deposit your money directly with the scam artists or with dodgy Forex brokers participating in their scams. In our case, you can set up your own Forex account with the broker of your choice. We do not come into contact with your money at any point in time. As a matter of fact, we often debunk ponzi schemes on our website and have helped many people avoid falling victim to such scams.

A - Yes, we have this covered as part of our guide to get you started trading with SPFX. In fact, we even have a technical support team to assist you on this if you require any further assistance in setting up your Forex trading account.

A - 30 minutes max, but probably a lot less than that once you are familiar with executing orders.

Q - How much capital do I need to trade with to cover my subscription fee and start profiting?

A - We cannot do that as we are not a fund manager.

A - With an average of a standard lot size, you will be able to cover the subscription fee with one profitable trade. On average we take about 20 trades in a month. By risking 1% per trade, the average monthly return is around 5%. If all these sound foreign to you, don't worry, we will teach you what they mean.

A - Actually I encourage both! If you have the time, personality and endurance to learn trading, please do so by all means! But if you lack any of the above but you still want to make money through trading, then my signals service is perfect for you!

Q - How do I know this is not a Ponzi Scheme?

A - Let me do a full disclaimer here that I do not guarantee 100% winning trades. In fact, nobody in the world can guarantee you that. However, what I can say is that you will certainly get more winning trades than losing ones. So as long as you take equal trading sizes for each trade, you will definitely gain more than you lose at the end of the day.

You will also be receiving a comprehensive tutorial guide on how to trade these levels. 

This is to ensure you are able to fully capitalize on the trade levels sent to you.

Join me and other traders in the Super Profitable Forex Signals community, and start gaining a consistent income from trading today

For just US$ 97 per month

And to protect your interests ...

I'm offering you a 14-days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to take away your risk, so you can join us in the community, and see for yourself if this works for you.

If by any chance, within the first 14 days after joining SPFX you feel that I didn't help you, simply drop me an email and I will refund you in full. What I wish for you to do, is to simply give yourself a chance to see and if SPFX will start putting money into your pockets.

I'm truly excited to see you in the Super Profitable Forex Signals Community

It Is Often Those Who Take Action Who Are Rewarded.

Are You Going To Take Action Or Simply Let This Opportunity Slip By?

I hope I've convinced you about the following - 

  • that making money through Forex trading can be effortless and easy using my Super Profitable Forex Signals
  • that my signals have been accurate and profitable for my member traders
  • that you can use my signals even if you are a total beginner to any sort of trading
  • that this is not a scam operation
  • that I am not a fly-by-night internet marketer who knows nothing about Forex but a bonafide Forex mentor to hundreds of students
  • that you can get all your money back if for some reason you are not satisfied with our signals within 14 days

Now all you have to do is to take action.

NoBody Trader

Super Profitable

Forex Signals

Yes, I Want To Start Making Money Today!

P.S. I will only be taking in 100 traders in this community. Once I close down the offer I won't release it again at this value. I'm doing this because I prefer to work closely with traders who are action-takers, decisive and committed to make trading an income source for themselves.

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Before I let you go, I want to thank you for reading this letter. 

I hope you take action and give yourself an opportunity to start making money with me. I am truly excited for you to get started with Super Profitable Forex Signals and see the huge impact this will have on your life. 

Talk to you soon, 

Kar Yong